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Best In Breed offers housebreaking for your puppy, which we can start as early as 8 weeks of age. We can train your dog to either go to the puppy pad, outside or in a litter box. With our housebreaking procedure, dog owners will be able to establish a feeding schedule as well as set up a relief area, and with a management system, go from confinement to trust. All of our housebreaking services are backed up with some obedience training.


Best In Breed dog trainers offer different levels of Obedience Training to the Atlanta and North Georgia area.

The first level is on-leash obedience. We will teach you and your dog the basic commands such as heel, sit, stay, come, down, the total respect for the word "no" and a release command on a 6' leash. We can also teach a "control center" in your home, a designated place (like a doggy bed) for your pooch to go to and remain until he is released. Our dog trainers are able to work on all behavior problems.

The second level is on/off leash obedience. We will teach dog owners the basic off the leash obedience, inside and outside the house, and around other animals as well as people. We will teach your dog the recall command "come." We will also teach your dog the command "finish-to-heel," which teaches your dog to walk around you, back into the heel position.


Behavior Problems can be solved with about 3 to 5 conventional methods to correct unwanted behaviors. Our trainers will always start with the lowest force possible, such as noise or taste corrections.


Personal Protection dog training will teach your dog to show force against any person you ask him to and, on a command, stop. The same person the dog growled and barked at is now able to approach the dog and you without any aggression.

Our experience shows that most dogs qualify for this type of training. In addition, you do not end up with the liability of a trained biter nor the maintenance that is necessary for a trained biter.

Since our trainers show you how to work with your dog, you will be able to maintain the "threat training" by yourself with the help of friends, neighbors or family members.

Phone Consultations

Phone Consultation is offered for customers who are enrolled in our programs or with our lifetime consultation.

Best in Breed offers phone consultations to help customers outside of our regular Georgia service area. Phone consultations with the owner are billed at $ 65 / half hour or $ 85 / hour. This fee includes long distance charges. Please call us toll free at 1-866-940-3647 to set up your phone consultation at your convenience.

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